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Essentials for a Stable Life

Cygnet Stable Supply
Our Story

High Quality, Beautiful, Affordable

Cygnet Stable Supply, founded in 2023 in Aiken SC, was born to purvey the highest quality aluminum show jumps and other stable equipment at fair prices. Our products will bring you and your horses joy for years to come, and we strive to extend that joy to your shopping experience as well.

The CS Supply

Cygnet Stable Supply

Our Competitors

Built with Aluminum

Our show jumps are built with high-quality aluminum, making them light weight, durable, and paint-chip free.

Built with Wood

Our competitors jumps are built with wood, making them heavy, prone to damage, and requiring them to be re-painted yearly.


At Cygnet Stable Supply, we have some of the best prices in the industry. Through our custom order catalog, we offer a wide range of products with low overhead. We pride ourselves on offering quality products at accessible prices.

Often Costly

Our competitors cannot compete with our prices. They sell aluminum jumps at exorbitant prices, and wooden jumps requiring expensive and timely upkeep.

Conveniently Located
Expensive Delivery

Centrally located in Aiken, SC, Cygnet Stable Supply is able to offer pick-up to our local customers, and affordable delivery for those a bit further away.

Our competitors are located throughout the country, making it difficult to receive personal service, and requiring expensive delivery fees.


394 Farmfield Rd

 Aiken SC, 29805




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